Rove puts right-wing donors' money where his mouth is

Last week, Fox News political analyst Karl Rove was asked whether Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle can “knock off” Majority Leader Harry Reid in their upcoming election. He replied that “she can,” and that the “phantom boxer from Searchlight” has “a real problem” this fall.

But Rove isn't just commenting on the election for Fox News -- a political committee that he helped organize and raise money for, American Crossroads, has just announced that Reid is the first candidate they will be targeting. The group, which is basically a $50 million slush fund designed to help GOP candidates win in November, will be running their first ad going after Reid starting today.

Fox News is apparently aware of Rove's ties to a group that will be taking a major role in this fall's elections, and doesn't seem to care about the ethical implications. At the very least, now that it is public knowledge that American Crossroads is involving itself in the Nevada Senate election, Fox News must make clear Rove's ties to the group each and every time he discusses that race.