Fox News apparently aware of Rove's ties to GOP "campaign apparatus"

Blog ››› ››› MATT GERTZ

This morning, I noted a Politico piece detailing Fox News "political analyst" Karl Rove's role with a "powerful campaign apparatus" intended to help Republicans "recapture Congress and the White House." I asked whether Fox had any intention of addressing Rove's role with the organization, given their presentation of Rove as an impartial "political analyst" providing the facts on the political playing field.

Well, Fox has apparently responded with a resounding "we couldn't care less," providing him on-air time to spin away about the new conservative network:

Notably absent from Happening Now co-host Jon Scott's interview with Rove: Any acknowledgement of the ethical implications of Rove's dual role. Given that Fox is basically an extension of the GOP at this point, I guess they don't see a problem.

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