Fox's Jason Chaffetz blames mental health and “politically correct culture” for shootings

From the May 18 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): As people watch this, their fury turns to Washington and turns to lawmakers, and says why can't you do something about this, why has nothing changed? You can feel the chorus already. Is that fair? 

JASON CHAFFETZ (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I do think it's fair. And I know people who are maybe in those positions don't want to necessarily feel the heat. But they should feel the heat. There's -- look, I went to shortly after [the shooting at] Sandy Hook, I was reflecting back and just this last hour, I sat there -- I was invited by a news program to go -- and I think what has changed between Sandy Hook and now. And not a whole lot. But obviously this person is deranged. I can't diagnose everything, it's breaking news. But there's something really wrong with this person, whatever that they did. And so, mental health and communities, I think they do need help and support in trying to figure out best practices, what can they do, how do we diagnose this person and how do we deal with it, because there's this politically correct culture, particularly for people that are less than 18 years old, to say, well, let's just keep them going in the system instead of actually dealing with it. Now, again, we don't know enough in this particular situation, but I look at the other shootings, and I think a lot of that could have been addressed. And it's going to take money, it's going to take funding, and it's going to need to take support on both sides of the aisle to address it.


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