Fox's Bolling On Ben Carson's Promise To Never Raise The Debt Ceiling As President: “Hats Off To You, Ben Carson”

Eric Bolling: “Listen, I Commend him For Doing It”

From the October 27 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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DANA PERINO: So, the debate is being sponsored by CNBC. They're, I guess, supposedly people think there will be more of an economic focus. Do you expect to see that?

ERIC BOLLING: I do, and that's what I just wrote down. I think you're going to hear -- like, Ben Carson today, the day before the debate, says “if I become president, I will not raise the debt ceiling” -- 

PERINO: Ever. 

BOLLING: Right, and literally what happened within -- I think within 30 days of him being sworn into office, we would hit a debt limit and they would have to say “well what are you going to do, Mr. President?” Wow, that's a big statement. And listen I commend him for doing it. But that is a big thing, and I'm sure-- 

GUILFOYLE: You wouldn't do it or say it?

BOLLING: No, I'm very interested to see how he answers that. It's a tough question to answer. Especially on a debate stage with a lot of people gunning for you. Hey listen, hat's off to you, Ben Carson for having the guts to do that on the day before the debate.


Carson: I Won't Raise The Debt Ceiling As President