Heritage Foundation's Steve Moore Refers To Raising The Debt Ceiling As Issuing "A Blank Check"

Steve Moore: "The Republicans Are Making A Big Mistake If They Simply Capitulate To President Obama And Give Him A Clean Debt Ceiling"


From the October 20 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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STEVE MOORE: I think Republicans -- this is getting into this issue of the debt ceiling, which is going to come up in the next couple weeks. And I think the Republicans are making a big mistake if they simply capitulate to President Obama and give him a clean debt ceiling without any kind of restructuring of the debt or restructuring of spending. I mean, they should be listening to what the people are saying, what the conservative voters around the country are saying. It's why we have a Trump phenomenon. People are angry, they're cranky. They feel that the fiscal situation is out of control, and to give the government just another blank check I think is bad politics and bad policy.


Fox News Attacks Obama For Correctly Explaining The Debt Ceiling

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