Fox News regular Brad Blakeman: “Michael Cohen's crimes are personal to him. They're not in connection with ... the president”

Blakeman: “Let me put on my lawyer hat for a second”

From the December 12 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BRAD BLAKEMAN (REPUBLICAN POLITICAL CONSULTANT): Michael Cohen's crimes are personal to him. They're not in connection with anything that has, in my opinion, liability for the president. Now, let me put on my lawyer hat for a second. Client goes to the lawyer and says, “I want you to make a settlement. The same kind of settlements I've made when I was a private citizen.” Now he's running for president. He asks Michael Cohen to make a settlement, the same kind of settlements he made before. Cohen makes the settlement. Now, if he thought the settlement was improper or illegal because of Trump's present situation, he should have said to the client, “You know what? It's a different time. This may be a violation. I'm not going to do it.” 

The fact is Michael Cohen did it. And now he admits he did something he knew was illegal. You can't pin that on the client. And I think trying to have guilt by association, or guilt for the bad acts of one on another, there's no allegation that the president knew it was illegal. I happen to think it was not illegal. Cohen pled to it. I don't know why he did. But I think it goes too far to have guilt by association, saying that the president somehow is liable for the bad acts of a bad lawyer.


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