Fox News producer spreads false information to support Trump's military aggression against Iran

Before apologizing and retracting the claim, a Middle East senior field producer for Fox falsely claimed that graffiti had appeared in Tehran thanking Trump for killing Soleimani. The image was at least six months old.

The morning after President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike that killed Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Fox News Middle East senior field producer Yonat Friling tweeted an image from a “protected” source that she claimed showed pro-Trump graffiti in Tehran from “this morning.” However, the graffiti was at least six months old. Friling’s false claim was retweeted over 2,600 times and was up for more than four hours before she removed it.

A deleted tweet from Fox producer Yonat Frilling reading: "From Tehran this morning graffiti says "Thank you Trump". (Source protected)" with an image of graffiti on a wall. The tweet has 2,611 retweets and 4,703 likes.

Journalist Yashar Ali was among the first to point out that Trump’s current ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, “tweeted about this months ago” in June 2019. Shortly thereafter, Frilling deleted her tweet and claimed that the image “was sent to me by a person who claimed to be an Iranian Student and asked to be anonymous.”

However, three hours before Friling posted the image on Twitter, an account purporting to be an “activist of Iranian resistance” had tweeted the image with similar false framing. An hour after that tweet, popular far-right account “Imam of Peace” tweeted the same image with the same false framing and credited the other account.

A tweet from far-right Twitter account "Imam of Peace" reading "While some elected members of COngress sit in Washington DC and condemn the killing of a notorious terrorist, Iraq and Iran celebrate this big step towards freedom. Written on a wall in Iran 'Bravo/way to go, Trump." 2,004 retweets, 3,763 likes.