Fox News contributor says Biden's immigration policy is “part of a political endgame for the Democrats to hold power”

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Citation From the April 1, 2024, edition of Fox News' Hannity

ARI FLEISCHER (GUEST): This is Joe Biden's gigantic Achilles' heel and he's the one who loves to show it to us because he caused this problem. During the debates, Joe Biden said “come" when he was asked what his message is to people who were trying to come to America illegally. He said, “Come." He raised his hand when he was asked if he would support decriminalizing people who come into America illegally.

This is a crisis of his creation, of his own wanting, because the end game for the Democrats, Sean, is to let people come in illegally, get them work papers, which leads to green cards, which leads to voting.

And already in many municipalities, illegal immigrants if they have a green card, they're not American citizens, can vote in American elections. Tell me how a municipality can keep that separate from a federal election. This is their endgame.

It also helps them with reapportionment because this -- one New York City Congresswoman said she needs the illegals in her district because that's how she gets her job as a congresswoman cause she needs that number in her district. New York, otherwise is losing seats.

So, this is part of a political endgame for the Democrats to hold power and that's why it sits so wrong with the American people who are fundamentally guided by right and wrong and by respect for the law. And when there's wanton disrespect for the law from the Commander in Chief, yeah, it hurts the president.