Fox Blatantly Gives Rove Free Air Time For His Anti-Obama Campaign

Today, Fox “straight news” program America Live hosted Karl Rove for the ostensible purpose of discussing a recent court ruling requiring greater disclosure for certain political ads. But the segment began with Fox airing, in full, the latest ad from Rove's American Crossroads attacking President Obama for uncontroversial comments Obama made to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev about the difficulty of negotiating national security issues during an election year.

During the discussion on the court ruling, Rove managed to suggest that groups on the political left were trying to intimidate his group just as “segregationist attorney generals tr[ied] to shut down the NAACP” during the civil rights era.

After discussing the court ruling, guest host Shannon Bream returned to the subject of the ad. She played a clip of Vice President Joe Biden saying that Obama was just “stating the obvious” in his comments to Medvedev.

Rove responded by calling Biden's comments “just insane.” Rove then continued to attack Biden and Obama, claiming that Obama basically told Medvedev that after the election “I'm willing to do something for Russia that you'll like but that the American people won't like.”

Rove also said that Biden “was out to lunch on this as, candidly, he is most of the time.”

Fox, which employs Karl Rove as a political analyst, has a long history of questionable ethics surrounding the promotion of Rove's group's political activities.

And Fox shows no signs of stopping this promotion anytime soon.