Fox News just doesn't care about their Rove ethics crisis

Blog ››› ››› MATT GERTZ

Here's Dick Morris, a Fox News contributor who has spent the last several years endorsing Republican candidates (often on Fox's airwaves) and raising money to support them (also on Fox's airwaves), declaring that Fox News analyst Karl Rove is "in effect" the "Republican National Committee these days" due to the "massive amount of money" he has raised through his American Crossroads GOP slush fund. Watch:

Note how nonplussed Morris' Fox & Friends hosts are about that characterization; someone gives a slight gasp after Morris makes his statement, and they subsequently leap to RNC chair Michael Steele's defense by citing the legal "constraints" he is under to raise money. But they don't show much concern with one of their colleagues being described as being "the Republican National Committee."

Does anyone at Fox care about this? Right now, all signs point to no.

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