EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Murdoch Ducks Questions On Phone Hacking Scandal

Following News Corp.'s admission of liability in U.K. phone hacking cases involving its News of the World tabloid, company CEO Rupert Murdoch refused to answer whether or not subsidiaries Fox News or the New York Post engage in similar, illegal practices.

Last Saturday, Media Matters' Joe Strupp asked Murdoch if he could “assure Americans that there won't be any phone hacking by the New York Post.” Murdoch responded that he had “nothing to say.”

When Strupp followed up by asking whether Fox engages in phone hacking, Murdoch again refused to address the issue and said he had “nothing at all” to say about the escalating scandal.


At the launch of The Daily earlier this year, Murdoch also refused to answer a question from the BBC regarding the hacking controversy. According to some, the mounting hacking claims could cost News Corp. over £100 million.

Last year, Murdoch reportedly attempted to convince high-level U.K. officials to back away from investigations into the hacking scandal.


MEDIA MATTERS: ... ask you about the hacking -- phone hacking in England?


MEDIA MATTERS: Can you assure Americans -- sir, can you assure Americans that there won't be any phone hacking by the New York Post?

RUPERT MURDOCH: I have nothing to say.

MEDIA MATTERS: Or by Fox News? No comment on what's going on with that in England?

RUPERT MURDOCH: Nothing at all.

MEDIA MATTERS: Why is that, sir? You don't want to say anything to defend yourself? Or Fox?

RUPERT MURDOCH: I don't have to.

MEDIA MATTERS: Why is that, if I can ask?

OFF-CAMERA: [Unintelligible]

MEDIA MATTERS: Oh, I just want to ask -- he's a very important man --

WENDI MURDOCH: No, he's not going to give you an interview right now.

RUPERT MURDOCH: Go away. I'm not going to say anything to you.

WENDI MURDOCH: He's not going to give you an interview, please, thank you.

MEDIA MATTERS: Thank you sir.