“Are You Freaking Kidding Me?” Fox's Starnes Spends Debate Trashing His Employer

Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes wasn't a fan of Fox's August 6 debate. Starnes repeatedly trashed the debate as having “disgusting” and “gotcha” questions, at one point exclaiming, “Sweet Lord Almighty, people.”

The New York Times reported that Fox News moderators “spent weeks writing (and rewriting) about 100 potential questions, roughly half of which will actually be asked” and consulted with top executives like Roger Ailes, Fox News' chairman and CEO.

On social media, Starnes complained bitterly about “the gay marriage gotcha section,” former Fox News contributor Ben Carson not getting enough time, and “That abortion question -- disgusting” -- among other perceived problems.  

Here is a sampling of his reactions: 

 [Facebook.com, 8/6/15