Media conservatives call Obama “arrogant” in assessing State of the Union address

In comments before and during President Obama's first State of the Union address, several media conservatives have accused him of being arrogant. Fox Business Networks' John Stossel said that he wanted Obama to apologize for being arrogant during his speech and John Hood stated on National Review's The Corner blog that Obama's “cadence and rhythm” “come across as flippant and arrogant.”

Media conservatives agree before and during SOTU: Obama is “arrogant”

Stossel wanted to hear Obama say, “Gee, I'm so sorry. I was arrogant.” After Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto asked, “What do you want to hear out of the president tonight?” Stossel stated, “Well, I'd like him to say, 'Gee, I'm so sorry. I was arrogant. We were arrogant. We thought we could reshape the world -- my vision -- so we wasted lots of your money.” [Fox Business Network, 1/27/10]

John Hood on NRO: "[T]he cadence and rhythm his speaking voice" “come across as flippant and arrogant.” In a blog post at National Review Online's The Corner that posted during the address, Hood wrote, “Ugh. We're only a couple of minutes into the president's address, and the cadence and rhythm of his speaking voice is already grating. They come across as flippant and arrogant. Hasn't anyone ever told him that?”

Stein: “We'll see Obama with his fake modesty and his fake humility.” Discussing his expectations of the State of the Union address on Fox Business Network, Ben Stein stated, “Well, we'll see a lot of promises, and we'll see Obama with his fake modesty and his fake humility and his fake fighting aggressiveness. But he's just going to be his same politician. So, he's just a politician. I'd love it if he said, 'I'm not the messiah; I'm a politician. I don't know very much. I'm going to take a year off until I learn more. And I'm not going to interfere and screw up people's lives anymore.' ”