Fox's Howard Kurtz: Women in media criticize Ivanka Trump because they feel “a personal resentment” toward her

​From the June 21 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:​

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BILL HEMMER (CO-HOST): ​So Ivanka Trump under fire on this family separation crisis even though she lobbied her father to change the policy. Some media outlets are still criticizing the president's daughter​ and Howard Kurtz has a look at ​all that. Fox News media analyst and host of ​Media Buzz​​ with me now​. Howie, ​how are you doing, ​what have you found,​ what have you heard, what have you​ read about this?

​HOWARD KURTZ (FOX NEWS MEDIA ANALYST): What I'm seeing is a pattern here of liberal pundits led by MSNBC​'s Mika Brzezinski,​ beating up on ​I​vanka Trump​ for not going public ​ ​and criticizing her father. ​CNN had a piece, “Ivanka's deafening silence.” ​Except we now know ​that ​she was not just pressing her father publicly​,​ she was bringing him pictures of the kids at the border saying we have to do something about this​, ​c​ontributing to changing his mind​,​ and in other words, as she chose to engage i​n​ private persuasion rather than public virtue signaling. My sources say ​that​ reflects her style of ​preferring to ​trying to get​ some​ action as opposed to ​just ​joining the Washington ​blab.​

​HEMMER: ​So let me just read one of your lines. "​This has become the go-to move ​especially ​for female pundits on the left.​"​ What​'​s that about?

​KURTZ: There​'​s a personal resentment that many of them have. They think​ that​ Ivanka Trump​,​ who ​wa​s not a political operative before​,​ is more socially moderate or liberal and ​secretly ​agrees with them​.​ ​A​nd​, therefore,​ they expect every time ​one of these​ controvers​ies​ come up for her to​ go​ public and rip her father. The​y'​ll never be happy unless she does that. ​


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