Fox Still Won't Acknowledge That Americans Support Insurance Coverage For Contraception

The Five ran a segment today on the recent defeat of the Blunt amendment, a measure sponsored by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) in response to the Obama administration's regulation that ensures that women will have access to insurance coverage for birth control. The Blunt amendment would have allowed any corporation to withdraw coverage from its workers for any medical treatment by simply claiming that it objects to such coverage. Co-host Bob Beckel, the program's lone progressive voice, pointed out that the issue was a political loser for Republicans.

The Five's other co-hosts shouted Beckel down. Co-host Dana Perino claimed: “Women are smart enough to understand the difference between the Obamacare mandate and then Rick Santorum's previous comments about women on contraception. They are not the same.”

In fact, according to the latest tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, when asked "[i]n general do you support or oppose the new federal requirement that private health insurance plans cover the cost of birth control," 63 percent said they support it.

Kaiser's finding is in line with previous polls finding broad support for a requirement that insurance provides contraception coverage. A majority of Catholics also agree with the Obama administration's contraception regulation. Faith leaders also agree with the regulation and so do the very organizations the right claims will be harmed by the policy: Catholic hospitals, Catholic Charities, and Catholic universities.

But you won't hear that from the conservative co-hosts of The Five.