Project 2025 partner calls “to stop at nothing until abortion is eradicated”

Celebrating 2 years since its reversal, Concerned Women for America calls Roe v. Wade a “stronghold of murder”

For the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that overturned nationwide abortion protections under Roe v. Wade, Concerned Women for America published an article arguing that “a total elimination of abortion is the goal.” 

The conservative advocacy group is a partner in The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, a wide-ranging plan to provide the next Republican administration with extreme right-wing policy proposals and loyal staff. CWA and other Project 2025 partners have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to dismantling reproductive rights at a federal level. 

CWA’s June 24 piece, titled “Commemorating the Two-Year Anniversary of Dobbs— A Look Forward for the Pro-Life Movement,” opens by calling Roe a “stronghold of murder,” celebrates state legislation since Dobbs that has partially prohibited abortion as “a step in the right direction,” and claims “it is every pro-life advocate’s responsibility to fight in their home states for the protection of the unborn.”

How, then, should the pro-life movement move forward after the overturn of Roe? The answer is far from simple. It is imperative that states comply with the national precedent of the Constitution, which safeguards life. What about partial bans? A person’s value and their right to life should certainly not be determined by their age. Truthfully, there are many political hurdles in the way of passing abortion regulations. It is, therefore, best that lawmakers pass the most favorable protections possible and seek every opportunity to promote pro-life values. While a total elimination of abortion is the goal, legislation passed that partially prohibits abortion is assuredly a step in the right direction. 

So, after Dobbs v. Jackson, how do we move forward? We do everything we can to protect as many lives as possible at every level of government.

Ultimately, the piece concludes that “the commemoration of Dobbs” should “provoke” the anti-abortion movement “to stop at nothing until abortion is eradicated.” 

Like other Project 2025 partners, Concerned Women for America is entrenched in the fight against reproductive rights:

  • CWA wrote in support of an effort led by fellow Project 2025 partner the Alliance Defending Freedom to challenge the Food and Drug Administration’s mifepristone approval and reinstate restrictions, falsely calling the drug “dangerous” and describing the agency’s actions as “reckless disregard for women’s safety.”
  • The group has attacked over-the-counter birth control access on the grounds of “potentially long-lasting detrimental health effects.” 
  • CWA has also criticized in vitro fertilization, referring to an embryo as “a living being,” and decrying that America does not have laws like “many European countries” that include “common sense regulations” around IVF.

Media Matters recently published a comprehensive report on Project 2025 and its partners’ efforts to wipe out access to reproductive health care across the country. The initiative includes a nearly 900-page policy book that calls for removing any mention of the terms “reproductive health,” “reproductive rights,” and “abortion” from federal laws and regulations as well as penalizing Medicaid providers who provide reproductive health care, among other proposals. Project 2025 partner groups have also supported restricting access to mifepristone and abortion pills, contraceptives, IVF, and surrogacy — all key components of reproductive freedom.