Fox Radio Host Tom Sullivan Tells Julie Roginsky She Was Influenced By Mein Kampf

Roginsky: “You Might Want To Take That Back ... Is My Understanding Of World War II And Of Adolf Hitler's Motives Richer Because I Read That Book? Of Course It Is”

From the October 9 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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JULIE ROGINSKY: When I studied World War II in college, not an easy class, I read Mein Kampf. Now, was I advocating, because I read Hitler's book [about] genocide?


TOM SULLIVAN: And it also introduces these kids to somebody from a different viewpointthat they have never seen before and let them judge whether or not they want to buy into it it.

ROGINSKY: Exactly right.

GREGG JARRETT (HOST): The argument that seems to be made here is that there are no innocent victims of looting. That looting is simply a protest over government action. Well, there are innocent victims of looting. I mean, throw the pictures up there. I mean look at this store, there are store owners there that had their property looted and now they've lost their livelihood and it's horrible.

ROGINSKY: Do you want people in academia to only be exposed to a particular world view? Or do you want them to be exposed to different world views and then they can come up with their own one.

SULLIVAN: Cause it is a whacky world view.

ROGINSKY: It doesn't matter.

SULLIVAN: He believes that police are there to protect white people's property. Really?

ROGINSKY: It is an academic text. Are you kidding me right now? This is an academic text.The same way as I said to you --

JARRETT: Do you think everybody understands that in the classroom?

ROGINSKY: I would hope so.

JARRET: Really?

ROGINSKY: If they're in academia. 


ROGINSKY: Excuse me, did I understand when I was reading Mein Kampf that this was not something that I wanted to espouse. Of course. Am I richer -- excuse me --

SULLIVAN: Mein Kampf did have an influence on you.

ROGINSKY: Whoa, okay. That's quite a thing to say there. But okay, whoops. I would think you might want to take that back. But is there a, is my understanding of World War II and of Adolf Hitler's motives richer because I read that book? Of course it is. If you want to dumb yourself down and not be exposed to other view points, then you really shouldn't be in college in the first place.

SULLIVAN: I'm agreeing with Julie, I think students need to hear both sides of the story.


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