Fox Host Praises College For Discriminating Against LGBT Students And Potential Employees

Fox Host Praises College For Discriminating Against LGBT Students And Potential Employees

Tucker Carlson On Wyoming College Turning Down Federal Funding To Avoid Basic Protections For LGBT Community: "That's What Principle Looks Like"


Tucker Carlson lauded Wyoming Catholic College's decision to reject federal funding and continue its discriminatory practices in the college's admissions and hiring processes.

The school recently chose to not participate in federal student aid programs, citing a desire to distance itself from the federal government's "influence and control." On the March 29 edition of Fox & Friends Sunday, host Tucker Carlson interviewed the school's president to discuss his institution's decision. President Kevin Roberts explained that the college was avoiding federal provisions that would require the educational establishment to respect basic protections for the LGBT community in the admissions and hiring processes.

Carlson: What are you concerned that the federal government would force you to do against your faith if you continue to take money?

Roberts: Well, as I said, we're a faithful Catholic college, which means that while we love all people and we have charity toward all, we would have problems with admissions and with employment with a transgendered person or someone with a same sex attraction who wanted to be active and an activist with that. And so, in spite of what people think the church may be changing in terms of the beliefs, we believe that in order to maintain church teaching on those principles that we ought not have strings attached to that federal money.

Carlson went on to ask Roberts if the school's move meant the institution could then set its own standards for hiring. Roberts responded saying Wyoming Catholic College would only selectively discriminate in its hiring and admissions processes:

Carlson: So, does this mean, because you're not going to be taking federal money, that you can have any employment standards that you wish?

Roberts: Well, within reason, right? We're not going to discriminate in other ways, but church teaching is very clear that if we were to have, say, a transgendered student want to apply it's not in line with church teaching. It does not mean we hate that person at all. We love them. But it simply doesn't square with the college we have founded in Wyoming.

Carlson ended the interview noting, "that's what principle looks like." His comments are only the latest in Fox's long history of attacking protections for gay and transgender people.

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