Fox Hosts Agree With Rudy Giuliani That Hillary Clinton Created ISIS

From the March 24 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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DANA PERINO: Rudy Giuliani pulling no punches against Hillary Clinton.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: I mean, I could listen to that all day long. He's my kind of man, you know? He's my kind of candidate too, because he's telling the truth. This is a man who is a very accomplished prosecutor and ran the city in an incredibly efficient, organized, crime-free way, unlike de Blasio who needs to go. I think he's right. He makes a persuasive case. Her DNA is all over this, what's happened from the Arab Spring to everything else. So how does she answer to that? And is that someone that you want to be Commander in Chief of the United States? Is that someone that you want to promote to the most important job in the world that has failed miserably as it relates to national security and foreign policy, that has put this country in a worse position than before she even had an inability to be involved in it?

PERINO: Jesse, let me give you a chance to weigh in here. Your thoughts about Hillary Clinton taking it on the chin by Rudy

JESSE WATTERS: Yeah, I mean the Clintons get their DNA everywhere. I do think that Rudy has a point. If you look it, go down the line. All of our enemies have gotten stronger.


ERIC BOLLING: I agree with Rudy. I'm not necessarily blaming her for ISIS, but I think nothing in her State Department foreign policy has helped the situation at all, has probably hurt it.