Fox Host Falsely Claims The FBI “Confirmed” It Is Investigating Hillary Clinton

On the February 10 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered, co-host Andrea Tantaros falsely claimed the FBI “came out and said we are investigating” Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server, which she said “points to the fact that she is a full-blown liar.” In fact, on February 2 FBI General Counsel James Baker confirmed that the FBI probe into Clinton's email use is “ongoing,” but did not say that that she is the target of the investigation, as Tantaros suggested:

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ANDREA TANTAROS: Here is quick thing on her message. While she is out there going “it's my turn, I'm a woman, equal pay, I'm a woman,” and Bill's yelling at everyone for being sexist, the FBI, Melissa, came back last week and came out -- and this is really unique -- they came out and said we are investigating her. Because she kept saying no they're not. The fact that the FBI came out and confirmed it does humiliate her and points to the fact that she is a full-blown liar. It's a big deal. And she can't overcome that.