Fox Business Guest: Both Syrian And Latino Immigrants Have A Disproportionate Number “Of Rapists, Of Murderers, [And] Killers”

Gavin Mcinnes: “They're Both A Major Problem. They Both Have A Disproportionate Number Of Threats To America”

From the November 19 edition of Fox Business' Kennedy:

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LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY (HOST): You are conflating people coming in from Central and Latin America with Syrian refugees who might be members of ISIS. That's not the same thing. 

GAVIN MCINNES: No, they're both a major problem. They both have a disproportionate number of threats to America of rapists, of murderers, of killers. The days of assimilation and everyone coming in and being friends are over. These radicals have radicalized over there. They were radicalized by these fellow refugees that you guys seem to love so much. They are importing a culture. Not just a few terrorists. 

JULIE ROGINSKY: Can I ask you a question? What is the culture you are importing? Because what it sounds to me like, that you don't like about it, is the fact that they are Muslim. 

MCINNES: Yes. Well the problem with Muslim culture is it has a disproportionate number of radicals to the tune of 25 to 30 percent. 

ROGINSKY: Excuse me, where are you getting these facts?  


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