Who is Fox's Latest Global Warming Expert Brian Sussman?

As Media Matters has previously noted, recently Fox & Friends presented right-wing radio host Brian Sussman as a climate expert so that he could peddle misinformation to cast doubt on global warming. However, Sussman, a former radio show meteorologist, has a history of making inflammatory comments and is a frequent promoter of “birther” and other conspiracy theories.

Sussman Has A Long History Of Promoting Conspiracies, Making Outrageous Comments

Sussman Pushes Birther Conspiracy: “Show Us The Birth Certificate.” On the December 15, 2008, edition of San Francisco radio station KSFO's The Lee Rodgers Show, Sussman stated:

SUSSMAN: Yeah, like if someone involved with the Electoral College says, “There's just one little issue. We're looking at the Constitution of the United States of America and the requirement is 35 years of age residing in the United States so many years, and, oh yeah, citizen.” Can we prove the citizenship thing right now please, once and for all? ... Show us the birth certificate, man. Show us the money. It's sealed up in Hawaii? Show it to us. ... Show us the birth certificate. [KSFO, The Lee Rodgers Show, 12/15/08]

Sussman Said Katrina Victims Were “Knuckleheads” Who “Didn't Decide To Evacuate.” While guest-hosting the June 29, 2010, broadcast of Clear Channel's The War Room with Quinn & Rose, Sussman said that although he knew it was “callous” to do so, he called Katrina victims “knuckleheads” who “didn't decide to evacuate.” [Clear Channel, The War Room with Quinn & Rose, 6/29/10]

Sussman Says Obama Was “Running For Antichrist” And Smeared Obama's Faith. While guest-hosting The Lee Rodgers Show on July 28, 2008, Sussman said, referring to then-Sen. Obama's July 24 speech in Berlin, “As I was watching, I could have sworn he was running for Antichrist.” On the July 30, 2008, edition of the show, Sussman attacked Obama's faith, saying, “If Barack Obama were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence for a jury of his peers to pronounce him guilty? I doubt it. I think Obama would walk.” [KSFO, The Lee Rodgers Show, 7/28/08, 7/30/08]

Sussman Said He Would Bet That “Obama Believes [9/11] Was An Inside Job.” While guest-hosting the September 11, 2008, edition of The Lee Rodgers Show, Sussman said while discussing the 9-11 terrorist attacks, “I bet you a buck, man to man, that Obama believes this was an inside job.” [KSFO, The Lee Rodgers Show, 9/11/08]

Sussman: “Gay And Lesbian Radicals Actively Recruit Through Our School.” During a June 18, 2008, broadcast of The Lee Rodgers Show, Sussman hosted theologian Charlie Self, whom Sussman referred to as “Dr. History.” During the interview, Sussman asked Self: “in terms of marriage, societies have said that, yeah, it's between a man and a woman, and in our society we say, here are the rules: man and a woman, you can't marry anyone under this particular age, you can't marry a family member. So, the rules are the same for all of us, Dr. History. But, for some reason, the gays want to change those rules. I just don't understand it. Talk to me about that.” During the same interview, Sussman stated that “gay and lesbian radicals actively recruit through our schools and the media.” [KSFO, The Lee Rodgers Show, 6/18/2008]

Sussman: “The Mainstream Media Doesn't Support Our Troops.” On the March 5, 2007, broadcast of KSFO's Morgan, Sussman, and Vic, Sussman described The Washington Post's coverage of deteriorating conditions and inadequate care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as “stupid reporting,” and “ridiculous reporting,” adding, "[I]t's just another sign that the mainstream media doesn't support our troops. They don't support the mission. God forbid, they don't support the commander-in-chief. It's just the same old news." [KSFO, Morgan, Sussman and Vic, 3/5/2007]

Sussman On DADT Repeal: Are You Going To House The “Bisexual Guy” In “Solitary Confinement”? On the December 21, 2010, edition of Fox & Friends, during a discussion of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” repeal, Sussman stated, “This is going to cause guys in the military to take an early exit.” Sussman also asked: “What are you going to do in terms of housing...for the bisexual guy? He likes guys and gals. Are you going to put him in solitary confinement?” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 12/21/10]

Sussman Claims We're On Our Way To A “One-Child Policy In This Country.” On the January 27, 2009, edition of The Lee Rodgers Show, Sussman compared comments about contraception made by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Nazism and claimed that the U.S. is on its way to a “one-child policy in this country.” [KSFO, The Lee Rodgers Show, 1/27/09]

Sussman: Left Is “Jealous That They Can't Produce A Liberal Woman That's As Attractive As” Palin; Calls Frank A “Queen.” On the December 15, 2008, edition of The Lee Rodgers Show, Sussman stated: “I'm noticing this -- pictures of [Gov.] Sarah Palin. No getting around it: She's a babe. She really is an attractive woman. And the left loathes her for that, if nothing else. They're just jealous that they can't produce a liberal woman that's as attractive.” Later, Sussman called openly gay Rep. Barney Frank a “queen.” [KSFO, The Lee Rodgers Show, 12/15/08]

Sussman On The “Immigrants” Who Shop At Costco: “I Really And Truly Don't Believe That They Give A Rip About This Country.” On the January 26, 2009, edition of The Lee Rodgers Show, Sussman discussed “immigrants” who shop at his local Costco and said, “I really and truly don't believe that they give a rip about this country.” [Lee Rodgers Show, 1/26/09]

Sussman's Website Is Full Of Inflammatory, Anti-Gay, Anti-Muslim, And Right-Wing Rhetoric

Sussman: “Islam Is A Phony Faith Created By A Charlatan Named Mohammed.” On his website, Sussman wrote a blog titled, “Ground Zero Mosque: as they say in Texas, 'Bullsh--'” in which he wrote, “I'll tell you what I believe is happening here. Either the liberals honestly believe that Islam is a 'religion of peace' and that Muslims present the Democrats with a new voting block [sic], or they are so terrified of radical Islam that they feel appeasement is the most effective means of bridge building.” Sussman continued by attacking Islam:

Islam has always sought to take over the world--if not by forced conversion, then by death to the infidel. Non-believers are sometimes allowed to exist, but even then only as second-class citizens.

From a theological standpoint, Islam is phony faith created by a charlatan named Mohammed. Mohammed was a slick politician who used a popular moon god to rally his pagan Arab brothers into a single religion that marginally mimicked the monotheistic faith of their cousins the Jews.

Mohammed was also a pervert who married a girl when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine.

Mohammed was also a slave trader who made his money buying and selling humans of all ages and race. Rebellious slaves were castrated, flogged, and killed.

Mohammed plunged a cultured Middle East into war, darkness and fear in the name of his fictitious god, Allah.

Sussman further attacked the Park51 project, claiming “The Ground Zero Mosque, probably like most mosques even in America, will continue in the tradition of Mohammed. Their goal is world domination, hatred of the infidel, and a loathing of the American way.” [GodGunsandGold.com, accessed 01/27/11]

Sussman On Elena Kagan: “Our First Gay Supreme Court Justice?” Sussman linked to an article by an organization classified as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The article was titled, “How Elena Kagan helped 'queer' Harvard Law School.” Sussman linked to it with the headline, “Our First Gay Supreme Court Justice?” [GodGunsandGold.com, accessed 01/27/11; Mass Resistance 06/28/10]

Sussman: “Obama's Real Agenda: Erase Belief In God.” Sussman linked to a WorldNetDaily article with the headline, “Obama's Real Agenda: Erase Belief In God.” [GodGunsandGold.com, accessed 01/27/11]

Sussman: “How Many (Horny) Gay Men Work In The White House?” Sussman linked to a YouTube video on a gay-related iPhone app called Grindr with the headline, “How Many (Horny) Gay Men Work In The White House? See This Video.” [GodGunsandGold.com, accessed 01/27/11]

Sussman Promoted False “Noah's Ark” Story. Sussman's website linked to a story featured in the UK tabloid The Sun speculating that Noah's Ark had been found in Turkey. That story was later shown to be a hoax. [GodGunsandGold.com, accessed 01/27/11; The Sun, 04/27/10; FoxNews.com, 04/30/10]

Sussman: “I Get Sick Of The Idiots Who Believe The Phrase 'Separation Of Church And State' Is Found In The Constitution.” In the “American Must Reads” section of his website, Sussman linked to a Wall Builders post and wrote, “I get sick of the idiots who believe the phrase 'separation of church and state' is found in the Constitution. Click here to read a wonderful article that provides you with the truth about this critical issue.” [GodGunsandGold.com, accessed 01/27/11]

Sussman: “Through A Myriad Of Phony Environmental Policies” Property Rights Are Being “Eroded.” In the “American Must Reads” section of his website, Sussman wrote, “In Karl Marx's Manifesto, he wrote, 'the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.' The choice to own property is a fundamental American right, and yet, through a myriad of phoney [sic] environmental policies, this right is being taken eroded [sic].” [GodGunsandGold.com, accessed 01/27/11]