NRA's Dana Loesch proposes redirecting Planned Parenthood funding to arming people in schools

Loesch blames everything but guns for the recent uptick in school shootings

From the May 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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DANA LOESCH (NRA SPOKESPERSON): I think there is something there to that. I know there's a general, I think, lack of respect for each other and authority and just making sure that we all live nicely and in harmony with everybody. But at the same time with law enforcement, I think it is trendy to hate cops right now. I honestly do. I think it's trendy to hate cops. I think it's trendy to bash cops. And I think a lot of people believe that it's very easy for them to Sunday-morning-quarterback a cop's decisions through the keyboard, which I don't like to see particularly when those people have no law enforcement training. 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): We all know what happened in Santa Fe, in Texas. And Gov. Abbott is going to host a roundtable discussion, three days of roundtable discussions to make schools safer in that state. He wants to speech up background checks, policies to keep guns away from those who pose an immediate danger. He wants more resources for school safety personnel, and he wants to address mental illness issues tied to gun violence. What are your thoughts, Dana? 

LOESCH: Right. Ainsley, these are all issues that I have talked about for a very, very long time, since the now-infamous town hall that took place when it was those suggestions were roundly booed. We've been talking about the School Shield program, which I hope that schools across the country realize that these resources are available to them. But if I can make one quick point. This is what I think everyone who has children in schools needs to realize right now. They need to realize this happened in Broward County. I talked to teachers in Broward County at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School. They had a Secret Service member do a security risk assessment two months before. None of those things were put into place. You had a PROMISE Program that actually didn't report the criminality of students and that prevented a record from being established for the murderer. And he could have been rendered a prohibited possessor. Parents need to make sure that these programs are not in their kids' schools. We need to make sure that we're funding security measures. How about we take the half a billion dollars from Planned Parenthood and redirect that into making sure that our schools are secure and that we have armed security and that we have metal detectors. We're protecting our sporting events and concerts more. 

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Sure. Dana, as an NRA spokesperson, over the last couple months we've been hearing more and more, including the president of the United States, talking about we should be arming our teachers. And in fact, that's one of the things that Greg Abbott is going to be talking about, Gov. Abbott, there in your state today. 

LOESCH: Yes. And I think if teachers and parents determine for their -- each for their school district that this is something that they want to implement and teachers volunteered, they're willing to train, they're willing to carry -- teachers are incredibly talented people. And I don't think they get the credit they deserve. They can teach our students, and they can defend their own lives. And if, heaven forbid, all else fails, defend the lives of students. But if we have armed school resource officers, we do what [Texas Lt. Gov.] Dan Patrick was discussing, making sure that we're watching access points and exit points. And that our school -- our perimeters are safe, double locking doors. This is a multi-layer thing. And not a lot of people realize that. That's what Patrick is discussing. That's what Greg Abbott is discussing. And I think it's the least we can do for our children and teachers. 


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