NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch suggests the money spent on the March For Our Lives should have gone to “school security measures”  

Loesch: “If you are not mature enough to carry a firearm, I think we need to hesitate to take firearm policy lectures from those individuals”

From the March 29 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:​

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Dana, the other big question is, what do you take from last Saturday's 200,000 plus that showed up and all those other city demonstrations? What do you think comes of this? 

DANA LOESCH (NRA SPOKESPERSON): Well, I love free speech. I'm a free speech purist. It's why I always believe in more, not fewer voices. It's why I'm not like the anti-gun advocates who are trying to get all pro-gun advocates kicked off television and radio, and going after their advertisers if they're radio hosts. It's why I don't believe in anything like that. So, I'm fine. I just think that all of the money that was spent on concerts and port-o-potties and -- because they had armed security there as well, a lot of that could have been spent on school security measures. All of those individuals could have actually been meeting with elected officials. I see Andrew Pollack and I see Ryan Petty and I see Kyle Kashuv out there meeting with elected officials and doing everything that they can to implement change, and they're having -- they have a lot of measurable success. That's what really it takes. You can march all day long. Heavens knows I've protested before. But ultimately, you've got to follow it up with action. 


LOESCH: My son said this to me, he said, “Why is it that the media always goes to only one type of young person? Why is it the media ignores all of the other young people who bring really good ideas to the table and maybe don't agree with what the anchors and the reporters say? Maybe they -- maybe they really believe in their rights. Why don't you hear from more from those individuals?” He said we don't -- we never see those people on television. I mean yes, kids notice this stuff. They’re seeing that there’s bias, and they see that there’s only one side ever presented. That's not a debate. You're just being lectured to.

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Yeah. So true. And the kids see it. We see it. Everyone sees it. And yet we're getting policy advice from young people,  who have the right to speak out as much as they want, but it doesn't make you a gun expert out the gate. Someone like you have spent your lifetime committed to what the Second Amendment truly means. So you want those voices, but they don't need to be automatic authorities out the gate, I would think.

LOESCH: Well no, I completely agree with that. And I've said before, I've said if you are not mature enough to carry a firearm, I think we need to hesitate to take firearm policy lectures from those individuals. But, it's all about wanting to -- families, other families like mine, we have different ideas about how we want to keep our kids safe. We think that our kids deserve just as much security as red carpet celebrities. I really wish that the other side of the debate would stop projecting their worst, just some bigoted notions on Second Amendment advocates. I wish that they would stop projecting the worst ideas onto us and stop and listen. And maybe not assume the worst. Maybe give your fellow Americans a little bit of credit and ask them, and have real conversations, why do you feel that this is the best way? Instead of saying, “You have blood on your hands,” or, “You like your guns more than your children.” 


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