Michelle Malkin: The “stand” that Trump took “that led to the shutdown actually produced the results that he wanted”

From the February 14 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Michelle, you know, Congress sent out a copy of this 1,159 page border bill last night. Now people are starting to look for land mines in it. The president is not getting but a fraction of what he asked for. Should he sign it? 

MICHELLE MALKIN (CRTV): Not as it is currently sold right now. And, of course, people are speed reading this 1,200-page bill. There are already some details that are very worrisome. Of course, the headline that you just mentioned there, Steve, that it would only be a fraction of the nearly $6 billion that he had been asking for for the fencing, whatever form it takes, or the wall. Whatever you want to call it -- a physical obstruction at the border, which a vast majority of Americans now favor. More people favor wall than ever before, which shows you that the first stand that he took that led to the shutdown actually produced the results that he wanted because he raised awareness of a problem that too many people have been insulated from on the interior of the country. And now people understand that if we don't have physical borders, everybody is endangered. 


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