Fox's Tomi Lahren: “The liberal indoctrination ... starts in elementary school, middle school, high school”

From the March 20 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Tomi Lahren joins us, she is one of the hosts on Fox Nation. You know who loves ice cream, Tomi? That's kids. And in particular, Nancy Pelosi has been taking aim at 16-year-olds, because she thinks they should vote.


DOOCY: Tomi, why are so many Democrats and those on the political left interested in lowering the voting age?

TOMI LAHREN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well it's pretty simple, when you can't win an election, you change the rules. And we're going to see this going into 2020. Not only do they want to get rid of the electoral college, not only do they want to open it up for illegals to start voting, now they want adolescents to start voting too at the age of 16. Because when in doubt, change the rules, make it a little easier for the Democrats to win an election.


JEDEDIAH BILA (GUEST CO-HOST): You know Tomi, it's interesting because with so many of the issues that the Democrats are putting forward, this one included, the latest Rasmussen poll on this issue about lowering the voting age, the voting age actually, only 17 percent favor it, 74 percent oppose it. And this is much like the late-term abortion issue. This is not where the majority of Americans stand. Are Democrats going to find themselves pushing issues that most people just can't get behind? 

LAHREN: Well, absolutely they are. And this issue in particular, the reason that they want to, as Nancy Pelosi said, "capture the young people,' is because they are very well aware that the liberal indoctrination starts at a very young age. Whereas it used to start in college, now it starts in elementary school, middle school, high school. And they want to capture those kids very early. So again, this is just another way for them to pad their voting bloc. It sounds good. It sounds like a great talking point. It gets young people really energized. But at the end of the day, it's just the Democrats doing what they can to try to win an election which they can't do unless they change the rules.


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