Fox's Eric Bolling: “There's No Racial Aspect Of Profiling”

Bolling: Profiling Is “The Only Way To Catch Suspects”

From the June 30 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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CLAYTON MORRIS (CO-HOST): And Fox News poll says, will this make the country safer? Profiling, 59 percent of those polled said yes it will. Thirteen percent said no. Carrying weapons, 41 percent. And then banning Muslims, 40 percent. What do you make of this data?

ERIC BOLLING: So here's what I make of that. If you see those numbers right there, they're clearly -- six months ago if you did the same poll, they may be a lot closer. I wrote the book about pushing back against [politically correct] culture. People are starting to realize with people blowing up around the world, we need to stop terror. We need to stop homegrown terror. We need to stop international terror. And the way you do it is by doing profiling. Every cop in the world will tell you the only way to catch a suspect is to know the profile. Otherwise everyone's a suspect. Eliminate the people who aren't suspects, man, woman, tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white. And profile in. That's the only way to catch suspects. You have to do it.


BOLLING: Based on facts. There's no racial aspect of profiling.


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