Rush Limbaugh Defends Trump’s Call To Racially Profile Muslims

Rush Limbaugh Defends Trump’s Call To Racially Profile Muslims


From the June 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): The official attack on Trump  over the weekend was the focus on Trump saying that he thinks Muslims should be profiled, but notice, he didn’t bring it up. It was a reporter. This is kind of like what happened to Romney with that question out of the blue by George Stephanopoulos on contraception. Nobody was even talking about it. It was John Dickerson, of CBS, I think it was CBS, who was interviewing Trump and brought up the subject of profiling. Trump didn’t bring it up. But not that there should be anything wrong with profilingHow in the -- profiling is common sense. Which continues to be the number one victim of our cultural evolution in this country. Common sense is dying, common sense is under attack, common sense is being slayed, common sense is being silenced. Good enough for Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD, and even Obama’s CIA, they both work together to profile Muslims in New York City until later in 2011. Guess it depends on -- hasn’t Trump even been profiled as a radical extremist by the drive by media? Endlessly? How about Obama? Do you think Obama doesn’t profile?


I guess profiling is only wrong when it might save lives and help protect us from a terror attack. Then we're not allowed to profile. And we're not allowed to profile anybody who might be an illegal immigrant. How do people get on the no fly list, by the way? How do people get placed on the terrorist watch list, if we don’t profile? But that’s okay, that’s okay. As long as those lists can be used to keep law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves. But if Omar Saddiqui Mateen succeeds in helping the government take away guns from Americans who want to defend themselves, then haven’t the terrorists won? And isn’t that perhaps one of the objectives here? 


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