Erick Erickson Defends Trump Calling Only On Right-Wing Media Because Mainstream Media Is “Pushing A Nazi Narrative”

Steve Doocy: “The Nazi Narrative, You're Absolutely Right” 

From the February 16 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Of course, members of the mainstream media -- we just ran a sound bite from Jim Acosta over at CNN, the guy who famously yelled at the president-elect during that transition period over at Trump Tower. He says “the fix is in” because yesterday the president called on [Christian Broadcasting Network] and Town Hall and not him. 

ERICK ERICKSON: Listen, I like Jim Accosta a lot, but I think that they shouldn't be disparaging conservative media that can ask very tough questions of the president, have asked tough questions of the president, just not the questions a lot of the mainstream media has wanted. I can't really blame the president when so many people in the media are invested in pushing a Nazi narrative against him. 

DOOCY: The Nazi narrative, you are absolutely right.


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