CNN's Jim Acosta Calls Out Trump For Only Taking Questions From Conservatives: "The Fix Is In"


From the February 15 edition of CNN's Inside Politics:

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WOLF BLITZER:Two questions from American journalists this time from Townhall Media and the Christian Broadcasting Network. Two questions from Israeli journalists. John King, if he was treated so unfairly, Michael Flynn, in this process and he’s such a good man, why did the president fire him?

JOHN KING (HOST): Well, it would be nice, it would be nice, if the conservative outlets the president is calling on would ask him tough questions, and they would actually, instead of trying to curry favor with this president, they might do him a fare by letting him answer these questions, because until he answers these questions, this story is not going away.


JIM ACOSTA: I think one other thing we want to comment on very quickly, Wolf, just because you mentioned this a few moments ago. Yes, the two questions that were asked or called upon from the president in this news conference went to the Christian Broadcasting Network, which is obviously owned by Pat Robertson, the televangelist down in Virginia. It's a very conservative broadcasting network, and which is a very conservative news website. And so in the last three news conferences, Wolf, all of the questions to the American news media have been handled by conservative press. And I think, Wolf, there's no other way to describe it but the fix is in. This White House, this president, does not want to answer questions, critical questions, about his associates, his aides' contacts with the Russians during the course of that campaign just as his national security advisor is being run out of this White House on a rail. And so, I think that this only, they may think that this is being cute or they think this is strategic in terms of trying to shield the president from questions. but those questions can only be shielded for so long Wolf.


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