CNN's John King Calls Out Fox & Friends For Telling Trump He's Doing A “Flawless Job”

King: “Even Some People ... Within His Administration” Are Suggesting He Still Does Not Have “A Broad Policy Just Yet, And It's 88 Days In”

From the April 17 edition of CNN's Inside Politics:

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JOHN KING (HOST): The president likes to watch Fox & Friends in the morning to be reminded of the flawless job he's doing. And today, as he often does, he tweeted his approval: “The first 90 days of my presidency has exposed the total failure of the last eight years of foreign policy. So true.” That from @realDonaldTrump. Without a doubt the military strikes in Syria did win bipartisan praise, in part because of the bipartisan frustration that President Obama drew a red line over the chemical weapons use, then failed to enforce it. And the military's use of its most powerful non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan last week no doubt sent a message to ISIS. But it would be a mistake, sorry Mr. President and @foxandfriends, to equate two successful military operations with a successful foreign policy. Too soon. Like Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton before him, the president, Trump, is now asking China to use its influence in North Korea. Russia, Iran, and Syria are still aligned against the United States in the Middle East, just as they were during the Obama administration. ISIS and the Taliban are still making gains in Afghanistan. 


KING: I'm making light somewhat of his state TV or his love of watching Fox & Friends in the morning. But this is a question that many Republicans have -- and even some people, if you talk within his administration, some of the established foreign policy team, the very experienced foreign policy team he's brought in -- saying, “Yes, what we did, we think it's important, and we think it's right. But it is not a broad policy just yet, and it's 88 days in.” Give them grace and patience on some of these big, vexing questions, but the question some people have is, does the president think that when you launch a missile strike or you drop a bomb and it's a successful operation that that in and of itself is going to change facts on the ground?


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