Fox Business host falsely claims New York trial and conviction of Trump “was Biden's idea” and is “election interference”

Stuart Varney: “I think this whole trial was Biden's idea, it was his strategy: Bottle him up, get him guilty, put him in prison.”

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Citation From the May 31, 2024, edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.

STUART VARNEY (HOST): The sentencing is going to take place just four days before the Republican National Convention. To me, that's election interference.


VARNEY: And, I think it's Biden's fault, frankly. What do you say about this?

DOMENECH: I mean, how can it possibly not be election interference?

VARNEY: Exactly.

DOMENECH: You know, whatever they find there, you know, it's going to be on the, right on the verge of a Republican National Convention that's going to nominate Donald Trump, you know, as their candidate. I don't understand how you could possibly argue anything other than election interference here. And keep in mind, Stuart, what we're dealing with here. You know, Hillary Clinton and her campaign had to pay a fine of about $113,000 to the FEC because they improperly reported the spending that they made on the Steele dossier as being a campaign expenditure as opposed to legal expenses. That's the end kind of thing we're dealing with here, and instead they're throwing the book at Donald Trump and turning him into a felon over something that should have been handled as a fine, if that. I mean, frankly, the fact that we're dealing with something here that was a business record and not something that was ever supposed to be public, how can that possibly be something that should be considered?

VARNEY: I think this whole trial was Biden's idea, it was his strategy: bottle him up, get him guilty, put him in prison. And, I think it's backfiring. But I do blame — put significant, initial blame — I put blame on Biden. How about you?

DOMENECH: Yeah. Well, I think that the Biden White House and the people around Joe Biden have gone along with this conspiracy to essentially try to render their largest opponent as being someone who is unacceptable to independent voters. I think it backfired on them.