Reacting to Trump's guilty verdict, Jesse Watters promises to “vanquish the evil forces that are destroying this republic”

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Citation From the May 30, 2024, edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): Yeah, Trump was found guilty because he beat Hillary and is about to beat Joe Biden. I thought I'd be angry. But I feel this cool resignation, this resoluteness, that we're wounded as a country. And we're not going to go down. That we are going to get back up, we're going to regain our strength, and then we're going to vanquish the evil forces that are destroying this republic. And if you look at the American people, how are they looking at this? People are desperate for help from these politicians, for safety, for security. And these nitwits, consumed with hatred, are trying to destroy a man because he threatens their power. These are wicked people, obsessed with a person, and we will seek justice. We guarantee that. 


And I thought the president's tone was perfect. He was angry. He said it was rigged, and we all know it was rigged, we all know he can't get a fair trial here. But the key point was that the real verdict is on November 5th, when not 12 men and women get to decide, 330 million men and women get to decide. And that is the key. So get out there and vote.