Fox's Bolling Tries To Dial Back His Obama “Chugging 40s” Line

After taking heat for accusing President Obama of abdicating his duties and instead “chugging 40s” in Ireland, Fox's Eric Bolling has gone to great lengths to explain that he's not race-baiting Obama; he is simply saying Obama has a drinking problem.

Monday night, Bolling went trolling on Twitter for people to watch his Fox Business show, promising to discuss Obama “chugging 40s” in Ireland rather than responding to tragic tornadoes in Missouri. (It's important to note here that local officials have praised the White House for their rapid response to the disaster that Bolling is using to smear Obama.)

People tuning in to the show were treated to Bolling ripping Obama for “entertaining rappers” at the White House and “chugging a few 40's.” MSNBC's Ed Schultz and Think Progress criticized Bolling for a racial tinge to these attacks.

Returning to Twitter, Bolling responded, directing people to the online slang dictionary, which defines “forty” as referring to “a 40 ounce bottle of an alcoholic beverage” or “a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor.”

Bolling later tried to amend his attack:

I took some heat for saying Obama should have delayed his bar crawl, or whatever he's doing over there.

That, of course, is not what he said. And Bolling did not explain why he thinks it's OK to call Obama a binge drinker.