Newsmax's Eric Bolling says Judge Juan Merchan “should be tried for treason”

“The justice system can no longer be trusted or relied upon to enforce the law of the land”

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Citation From the May 29, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST):The uniquely embarrassing situation that our country finds itself in can be attributed to the violent legal warfare waged by the Biden administration against the one and only threat to their tyrannical rule. Donald Trump is not a felon. He's a man who loves this country and hates the radical left. He's the nation's top choice for president and is crushing Joe Biden in virtually every poll. And because of this success, he finds himself hanging in the balance as a jury deliberates about the validity of crooked Joe's ridiculously unprecedented and imaginary charges. There are three possible outcomes here. Each would have massive implications on the way our nation's judicial system is viewed by Americans also internationally because believe me, the world is anxiously awaiting this jury's decision. Convict, acquit, or hung jury. Joe Biden's legal warfare has failed. He's completely tanked in the polls even though this elaborate and clearly fabricated scheme was cooked up to accomplish the exact opposite. The Biden team sank all of their time and resources into these sham cases, opting to go after Trump instead of running an actual reelection campaign. Whether he knows it or not, Joe Biden has terrified the American people by abusing our legal system. This nationally broadcast attack has paved Trump's road right back to the White House.

There's still hope for our once great nation because, according to the polls, Americans have seen right through this obnoxious attack. Right now, a jury of twelve New Yorkers is trying to determine whether Trump is guilty of 34 felony charges of falsifying business records. Somehow, they are hours into the process despite the fact that these crimes cannot be proven, but that's besides the point. We have all eyes on the jury's every move. Breitbart thinks they saw a potentially sympathetic to Trump juror. That would be great if the juror would just be strong enough to hold out for a hung jury.

Of course, Judge Merchan — Juan Merchan — has somehow made new rules for this case. And in a very odd twist, this judge, Merchan, has instructed the jurors that they, in fact, do not need to be unanimous. Some can find Trump guilty of, say, one thing. Others may find him guilty of another charge. And somehow, they all just need to find 1 of the 34 charges or options to find guilt even if they weren't unanimous on any single charge. I'm no lawyer, but that certainly sounds like the judge is scrambling for a conviction even if it gets overturned on appeal. This judge should be tried for treason.

The justice system can no longer be trusted or relied upon to enforce the law of the land. It's gonna take a couple a complete overhaul, one that Trump has promised to deliver for our justice system to even be taken seriously again. If Trump is found guilty, we will see for the first time in our nation's history an individual sentenced for a crime that cannot even be defined. And a president, no less, not just an individual.