Do Birther Theorist Eric Bolling's Fox Colleagues Think He Isn't “Seriously Minded”?

Eric Bolling's attempts to cast doubt on President Obama's long-form birth certificate continue to prove an embarrassment to the Fox Business host.

Last night on Fox Business' America's Nightly Scoreboard -- which airs an hour before Bolling's show Follow The Money -- guest host Gregg Jarrett hosted widely discredited author Jerome Corsi and criticized those casting doubt on Obama's long-form. Jarrett told Corsi, “So many people have looked at it very, very carefully and nobody that is seriously minded has said this is a fake.”

While Jarrett didn't mention Bolling, the critique could easily be applied to him. After President Obama released his long-form on April 27, Bolling didn't come to the same conclusion as “seriously minded” people. Bolling told radio host Mike Gallagher that he has “a lot of questions” about the just-released certificate and added, “I certainly don't think it's been put to rest.”

Later that night, Bolling took to his Fox Business program and tried his hardest to cast doubts on the certificate's authenticity. Bolling said “there's a green border around it that had to be Photoshopped in” and wondered why the family of Obama's delivery doctor was unaware he delivered “the president.” (The doctor died in 2003.) Bolling also turned to discredited birther Pamela Geller, who told Bolling's audience that “this is a certification of a live birth. This is actually not a birth certificate.”

Despite his history of falsehoods and conspiracy theories, Bolling continues to appear throughout Fox Business and Fox News.