Bolling: “Hey MediaMatters... I'd Love To Waterboard You For The Truth”

Yesterday, Media Matters posted a clip of Fox host Eric Bolling dismissing enhanced interrogation techniques as “a typical weekend at my house with my 12-year-old son.” In the clip, Bolling stated:

BOLLING: Hold on, let me just go through this. Here's enhanced techniques, waterboarding, hypothermia, stress positions, abdomen slaps, their other alternatives are yelling loud, loud music, sleep deprivation, barking dogs. By the way, that's a - that's a typical weekend at my house with my 12-year-old son.

In response to our clip, Bolling falsely claimed that Media Matters smeared him and added, “Hey MediaMatters... I'd love to waterboard you for the truth.” From Bolling's Facebook post:


Bolling Dismisses Enhanced Interrogation Techniques As “A Typical Weekend At My House With My 12-Year-Old Son”

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