Drudge Links Obama To “Tyrants Who Have Used Children As Props”

The Drudge Report is again comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, suggesting that the appearance of children at the press conference on gun laws resembled “tyrants who have used children as props.”

On January 9, Drudge linked news that Obama planned to take executive actions to strengthen gun laws to Hitler and Stalin. Drudge made the same comparison on Thursday. The front page of the Drudge Report featured images of Obama surrounded by children at the signing of his executive actions as well as images of Hitler and Stalin holding children. Stalin's image appeared above a link to an Infowars article under the headline “FLASHBACK: Tyrants Who Have Used Children As Props...”

The top link on Drudge was the image of President Obama:

Obama with children

Lower in the page, Drudge featured an image of Stalin holding a child with a link to the Infowars article:

Stalin holding a child

Drudge also featured a picture of Hitler holding a child, along with a link to a NewsBusters article that claimed CBS News' Bob Schieffer “Liken[ed] Obama Taking on NRA to 'Defeating the Nazis' ”:

Hitler holding a child