Drudge Links NY Governor Signing Gun Law To Mafia Violence Story

The Drudge Report paired a headline about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signing a new gun violence prevention law with a headline about the town of Corleone, Italy, apologizing for its involvement in decades of Mafia violence.

On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo signed into law several measures to strengthen the state's gun laws. On Wednesday, Drudge posted a picture of Cuomo along with several headlines related to the new legislation, including, “Cuomo Quickly Signs Into Law To Avoid Runs” on gun sales. Just below, Drudge posted a headline in all italics stating “Corleone apologies for decades of Mafia murders.”

The headline led to a story about the town of Corleone, Italy -- made famous by the Godfather book and movies -- and its attempt to put its history of Mafia violence behind it.