Drudge Leaves White Alleged Accomplice Out Of Lane Murderer Montage

In an attempt to promote stereotypes of African-Americans as violent and dangerous, Matt Drudge is featuring on his website the photos of two black teenagers who allegedly killed an Australian athlete, leaving out the photo of their alleged white accomplice.

On August 16, Australian baseball player Christopher Lane was shot and killed while jogging in Oklahoma. Two black teenagers have been charged with first-degree murder in the case while a white teenager has been charged as an accessory for allegedly driving the getaway car. Conservative media have suggested that the shooting was racially motivated, despite the fact that one of the alleged perpetrators was white and that the local district attorney said he has seen nothing to “indicate that the killing of Christopher Lane was related to either his race or to his nationality.” 

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, who has a long record of bigoted commentary, claimed during a Fox News appearance that the murder is part of a societal trend in which “interracial violence is overwhelmingly black-on-white.” Drudge is featuring that commentary under photos of the two black teens charged with murder, leaving out their alleged white accomplice.