Watch Trump's Campaign Manager Repeatedly Dodge Questions About Whether Trump Will Call For Deporting 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants

From the August 31 edition of NBC's Today

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MATT LAUER (CO-HOST): Later today in Arizona, Donald Trump's going to deliver a major address on immigration. Kellyanne, at the end of that speech are we going to know exactly what his policy on immigration is, as it pertains to those 11 million immigrants in this country illegally? 

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Yes, you will. And I think too often, Matt, typical politicians will tell you, hey, the sound bite now, specifics at a time to be determined. It's very presidential to go and lay out those policies ahead of time so people go into November 8th knowing what they're getting. 

LAUER: The campaign has created its own confusion on this issue though. So at the end of today are we going to hear that there will in fact be a deportation force and those 11 million people living illegally in this country right now will have to leave before some of them have the chance to come back? 

CONWAY: You are going to hear many things from Mr. Trump today in his speech on immigration. One, no amnesty. He's absolutely going to build that wall. That's been the centerpiece of his campaign from day one. He also will repeal all these executive amnesty orders that President Obama has put into place and that a President Hillary [Clinton] would continue because you want to work with Congress on a complex issue like this. 

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE (CO-HOST): In fairness though Kellyanne, those are the positions that, as far as anyone can tell, he hasn't changed. In the primary he was as clear as day about it.  “Every single last illegal immigrant, whether criminal or not, if they're here illegally, they're going back.”  He did not mince words. Are we going to hear that today? Does he still plan to round up and deport every last illegal immigrant starting on day one? 

CONWAY: You are going to hear how he's going to address the 11 million and some other issues as well including, Savannah, sanctuary cities. There is no reason that these angel moms like Lara and Julie and Michelle and Agnes, and angel dad Jamiel, no reason people should ever have to lose their children at the hands of an illegal immigrant murdering them because we have these sanctuary cities. Hillary Clinton is for that. He's not. It couldn't be more clear. And in terms of changing positions I've memorized 22 of them for Hillary Clinton. Keystone pipeline, TPP. You would have an opportunity to ask her that if she would only talk to the press. So we're very happy with our strategy which is to be very open with the press, to go over the border to Mexico today to meet with the president, go back to Arizona to give an immigration speech. She was out in the Hamptons raising money yesterday. 

GUTHRIE: Well since you are here and you are taking questions from the press, are we going to see a reversal on the policy? 

CONWAY: You will not see a reversal. But he -- in his -- if you look at his speech at the convention, which I think is when you're accepting the Republican nomination, you're laying out your vision as a would-be president, look at that speech. He does not talk about a deportation force there but he makes very clear that he hasn't changed his position at all in terms of enforcing law. Do you know what might happen if we actually enforce the immigration laws in this country? I don't, because we never bother to do so. There are immigration agencies, we have ICE obviously, we have law enforcement, there are many people that should be consulted and should be part of the process, part of the spectrum of responsible actors here. That's not happening in this administration. Mrs. Clinton has made clear she would not follow that either so we're going to be the ones who enforce the law. 


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