Trump ally and radio host Michael Savage: “The gays have all the rights in the world,” “what rights do they not have?”

Savage: “The gay parade has now been turned into some sort of anti-Trump bacchanalia”

From the June 26 edition of Westwood One's The Savage Nation:

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MICHAEL SAVAGE (HOST): So, if you're in Nancy Pelosi's backyard there was another gay parade, yet another one yesterday. And the costumes, and the regalia -- and a lot of anti-Trump protests with stupid costumes that made no sense, and hysteria of the type that you would expect from people who are not intelligent.

There is no reason for this, why they are marching against Trump at a gay parade, but they did anyway. Black Lives Matter was there, as you all know they are a group of very upstanding citizens. La Raza was there, in one form or another. Socialists of America were there, the people who would like to rip you out of your house and kill you. And so, they're all using -- the white liberals in these far left organizations, are using the gay movement, as they used many other minority groups, to push their socialist agenda.

And what's odd here is that Trump has never said or done anything that's anti-gay, ever. But it did not stop the nasty - you should see the faces of these people. You've got to see the faces of these hardcore communists. “No es mi presidente” on a motorcycle, well then go to Mexico where you have a presidente, or go to Cuba. And resist posters with with Statues of Liberty with her fists in the air. What are they resisting? Do they know what they're resisting? I love the bumper stickers around the Bay Area that say “Less hate, more love.”

This is just perplexing to me, the mass hysteria on the left is something out of the fascist movement of the 1930's, is what I see. This is very much how the fascist movement of the -- fascist movements of the 1930's look to me. Only now they're guised under the guise of peace and love and compassion.

The gays have all the rights in the world. Everyone knows that and yet they're marching with -- they want more rights what rights do they not have? Can anyone explain that to me? Here's another moron with a sign, “Community over Corporations,” a know-nothing moron. Here's another one marching with a hand in the air, “resist resist resists.” So, the gay parade has now been turned into some sort of anti-Trump bacchanalia, for reasons I don't understand.


Has he ever said anything or done anything that's anti-gay? I don't know of it if he has, I really don't know of it. This is a mass hysteria, and it's being pushed by the far-left.


What has he done that you don't like? I'm not asking you to call if you're gay, that's too obvious, you know, you're not going to call anyway.


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