Roger Stone Says Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones And Donald Trump “Talk From Time To Time”

Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to President Donald Trump, said that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones speaks to the president “from time to time.”

Jones has claimed that the government perpetrated the 9/11 attacks and the tragedies at Sandy Hook, Columbine, Oklahoma City, and the Boston Marathon, among others.

Jones has repeatedly bragged about his access to Trump since the election. Jones said Trump called to “thank” his audience following his win; stated that Trump once called “like three times in a row”; said, “I talk to the president and I talk to people who talk to the president every day”; apologized to Trump for missing his phone calls; claimed Trump or his sons watch his videos and show “every night”; and said that the president calls him up to ask if he’s “happy” with his performance.

Stone is also a disreputable conspiracy theorist who is a regular contributor to Jones’ program and helped set up Trump’s December 2015 appearance on Jones’ show. Jones said today that his outlet Infowars has been given a weekly White House press pass and “we're pending getting our regular passes.” 

Stone appeared on the April 30 edition of The Jamie Weinstein Show and said that Trump speaks to Jones “from time to time”:

JAMIE WEINSTEIN: To what extent does he actually talk to Donald Trump? He claims he talks to him often. Is it a regularly basis that they talk?  

ROGER STONE: They talk from time to time.

WEINSTEIN: The same as you, you obviously say about yourself.

STONE: Right. And we’re smart enough not to characterize beyond that.

WEINSTEIN: Is it more than once a month?

STONE: I couldn’t say because I don’t know. But the point is anytime any media outlet has millions of viewers, why would you not speak to it.

WEINSTEIN: So he’s spoken since he’s been president?


WEINSTEIN: More than once?


WEINSTEIN: More than three times?


WEINSTEIN: OK. So he talks to Alex Jones --

STONE: From time to time.

WEINSTEIN: Will he appear on his show?

STONE: That remains to be seen. I think he should appear.