Alex Jones Claims Trump Calls Him And Asks If He’s “Happy” With His Performance

Alex Jones Claims Trump Calls Him And Asks If He’s “Happy” With His Performance


From the April 5 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES: You and others have reached out and said, “If you talk to Trump, tell him this.” Half the time I’ve missed the calls and other ones, early on, calls were like 15 minutes long. We really talk. Now it’s like, “Alex. Lot of folks watching.” He knows everything he’s saying is being recorded. “Keep it up, great job. How’s the family? Just keep it up, you know I’m delivering. Are you happy?” It’s mainly a pat on the head, and I get that -- but then I talk to folks that have to go have private meetings with him and he’s just literally just like -- and I can’t get into it. Trump really does want to take on the globalists. But he’s so surrounded and he’s lied to by everybody. And I’m not just lionizing him and giving him excuses. They just literally lie to his face and then go do the opposite and he’s just surrounded by a bunch of cowards that are too weak to be strong.


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