NBC's Katy Tur: Trump Is Now “Polling His Positions” With Fox News' Audience

Tur: “Call It Applause-O-Meter Politics”

From the August 25 edition of NBC's NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt:

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KATY TUR: I'm Katy Tur in New York where, 25 floors up, Donald Trump was working to convince voters he isn't a racist. 

His hardline immigration rhetoric proving unpopular, Trump is polling his positions with an audience at a Fox News town hall. Call it applause-o-meter politics. 


The result: Trump's plan now sounds strikingly like someone else's. 


JEB BUSH: I called for a path to legal status, not a path to citizenship. They work, they pay taxes. They pay a fine. 

TRUMP: They'll pay back taxes. They have to pay taxes. There's no amnesty as such. There's no amnesty. But we work with them.


TUR:  A stunning flip. Trump now agreeing with Jeb Bush who he sharply criticized as weak on immigration. 


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