Donald Trump Polls Sean Hannity's Audience For His Immigration Policy

Donald Trump Polls Sean Hannity's Audience For His Immigration Policy

Trump: "Do You Think They Have To Get Out? Tell Me, I Mean, I Don't Know"


From the August 24 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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DONALD TRUMP: Now, can we be, and I'll ask the audience, you have somebody who's terrific, who's been here --

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): 20 years.

TRUMP: Right, long time. Long court proceeding, long everything, okay? In other words, to get them out. Can we go through a process, or do you think they have to get out? Tell me. I mean, I don't know. You tell me.

HANNITY: Well let me -- let's do a poll.

TRUMP: I'd like to know, I'd like to know.

HANNITY: How many think they should go through a process that maybe give 'em a chance? Clap, we gotta hear you.

TRUMP: How many people --

HANNITY: How many people think they should go?

TRUMP: Do it again.


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