NBC's Chuck Todd: “Silence” From Republicans After Clinton's Speech Tying Trump To The Alt-Right “Is Stunning”

Todd: “No Republicans Outside The [Trump] Campaign Said, 'How Dare You, Hillary Clinton, Call The Republican Nominee A Racist'”

From the August 26 edition of NBC's Today:

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NICOLLE WALLACE: I have to say on the speech yesterday, when Hillary Clinton went to what all of the Republicans have done in the past on race, she cited George W. Bush going to a mosque. We've all talked about that. She cited John McCain standing up to someone who called President Obama a Muslim. I wish a Republican had given that speech.

CHUCK TODD: By the way, there's an amazing thing that happened yesterday. Hillary Clinton called the Republican nominee [Donald Trump] a racist, and all these Republicans decided to come and say, “Oh my gosh you” -- not a word. No Republicans outside the campaign said, “How dare you, Hillary Clinton, call the Republican nominee a racist.” The sound of silence among mainstream Republican elected officials yesterday is stunning.


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