MTV News' Jamil Smith: Breitbart News Is Trying To “Mainstream” White Supremacy “Through Trump” 

Smith: Breitbart News Is “Part Of The White Supremacist Machine” 

From the August 28 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): Do you feel that all the coverage this week has just caused even more divisiveness, caused even more of a divide in the country, between whites and blacks and Hispanics, between people who feel there are serious problems and those that are not? Is the press making it worse? 

JAMIL SMITH: Well Brian, I'll never subscribe to the notion that talking about race or talking about racism actually is divisive. I think that, frankly, what we need to do is understand exactly the forces that are that are driving Mr. Trump's campaign. And since he has chosen to put the head of Breitbart, a proud “alt-right” site, at the top of his campaign, frankly, I think what we need to do is really examine what that means. And for me --

STELTER: So what does it mean to you? 

SMITH: To me what it means is it's a rebranding of white supremacy. I have been a target of these folks. And we’ve seen other people, especially women and people of color who live a lot of their lives online, be a target of these folks. 

STELTER: Do you think in particular is a new form of white supremacy? They would say they're a mainstream form of the alt-right. 

SMITH: I’d say that, frankly, yes, I would say that. I’d say that they're part of the white supremacist machine. I think that they're trying to make sure that these views become mainstream. And I think through Trump, they're finding a way to do that. 


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