MSNBC's Chris Hayes Highlights Trump Ally Roger Stone's Voter Intimidation Plan

From the November 1 edition of MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): Trump ally Roger Stone planning to deploy volunteer poll watchers to largely nonwhite polling places where they plan to videotape voters and conduct fake exit polls. Stone's group even allowed poll watchers to print out official-looking ID badges, though, after questions from the Huffington Post, Stone took down that function. Here is Stone telling conspiracy theorist Alex Jones why he plans to conduct the fake exit poll.


ROGER STONE: The Clintons fear this program because they would like to, you know, get away with the perfect crime. Rigging the machines would be the perfect crime. And therefore, this really threatens them because it is the only tangible proof we may have of the hijack. 


HAYES: There is, of course, no basis for that accusation whatsoever. Democrats have now filed federal lawsuits against Trump, Stone and state Republican Parties over intimidating voters in four states. They're seeking, among other things, to block volunteer GOP poll watchers from harassing or photographing people and prevent aggressive questioning of voters waiting to cast their ballot. 


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