MSNBC Releases Hot Mic Video Showing Trump “Claim[ing] He Can Do Whatever He Wants To” Women

Katy Tur: "I Want To Warn You The Language In This Video Is Graphic, And May Be Offensive”

From the October 7 edition of MSNBC's The Place For Politics:

Video file

STEVE KORNACKI (HOST): Breaking news this coming in just in the last few seconds. NBC News has just become aware of a video capturing Donald Trump making vulgar comments about women back in 2005.

Now, the video has audio of Trump. This is from a press tour at the time with Billy Bush, at the time Billy Bush was with Access Hollywood, the syndicated television show. Now Katy Tur has been digging into this story, she joins us now. So again, we're just finding out about this, what do you know Katy?

KATY TUR: Well we do know we've obtained this audio of Donald Trump and Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, talking about sexual advances towards women.

The video shows Trump and Bush on a bus, as Steve said, on their way to an anniversary party in 2005, eight months after Trump married his third wife, Melania.

In the audio, you can hear Trump talk about a married woman he tried to have sex with, and how he behaves with women that he's attracted to. He claims he can do whatever he wants to them because he is famous.

I want to warn you the language in this video is graphic, and may be offensive.


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